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    Celebritology: — Inspired or Invasion of Privacy?

    There’s an interesting Celebritology blog post at the Washington Post. Liz Kelly discusses a new Web site paying for “amateur paparazzi photos,” and it’s especially notable that Meet the Famous CEO Jordan Osher, “underscores his contributors ability to go where the real paparazzi can’t follow stars.”

    You’re innocently loitering on a London street when you spot what appears to be a tipsy George Clooney. Or maybe you capture Penelope Cruz in a less than glamorous moment. Or perhaps you have an old pix of tweener heartthrob Zac Efron before “High School Musical” made him a star.

    In potentially horrifying news to many celebrities, a new Web site will pay you for all of the above., launched last fall, has quietly been picking up steam as a go-to site for aspiring paparazzi. Almost overnight, digital cameras and photo- and video-enabled cell phones have made celebrity news one of the first areas of news in which the idea of citizen journalism has actually caught on. […]

    The privacy line has been increasingly difficult to pinpoint with the advent of publicists who call ahead to alert paparazzi to their celeb’s every move and stars like Ashton Kutcher, who recently posted this pic of wife Demi Moore’s derriere on Twitter.

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