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    CBS4 (Florida): Woman Charged After Email Threat Delays MIA Flight

    CBS4 in Miami, Florida, reports on a woman accused of making bomb threats (one by phone; another via e-mail) to delay a flight so that her boss could catch it. The part relevant to privacy is how the threat was traced to the woman’s computer.

    Claudia De La Rosa, a Colombian native now living in Sunny Isles, was charged by Miami-Dade police with making a false bomb report after she was arrested early Wednesday morning at the the apartment of her employer, in the Jade condo on Brickell Avenue.

    Police were able to track her down by tracing a unique computer address that is attached to most e-mail. Known as the IP address, police were able to use a subpoena made to the e-mail provider and trace the IP to a computer at the Jade condo where De La Rosa was staying.

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