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    CBS21: Employers asking people for Facebook password is a privacy violation

    CBS21 reports that employers are asking job applicants for their passwords to social-networking site Facebook:

    The question of privacy and Facebook has now hit a new level. Some employers are now asking possible employees for their password so they can see what they post.

    It’s pretty common that employers will look at someone’s Facebook page and maybe even friend request them to look at their information. But now we find out some employers are asking for Facebook passwords before hiring someone.

    If you don’t give it, it might cost you the job. If you do give it you’re breaking a promise.

    “What would you do if an employer wanted your password? “I wouldn’t give it to them,” stated Maria Roman. “That’s an invasion of privacy.” […]

    What would you do if a potential employer asked for your Facebook password? Would you give it to them? Charles Palmer with Harrisburg University says if you do, you are in violation of Facebook policy, which you agreed to before opening the account. […]

    This was happening at Maryland’s Department of Corrections. The ACLU found out and put a stop to it. But before that, we’re told most people did give it over.

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