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    CBC News: U.S., Canada will share refugee fingerprints

    CBC News reports that the United States, Canada, Australia and Britain will share “fingerprints and other data to help authorities discern people’s true identities in cracking down on asylum shopping and unlawful immigration. The program would allow governments to ferret out fraudulent refugee claimants by using fingerprinting and other methods to get details about identity, nationality, travel and immigration history.”

    While David Fraser, a privacy lawyer in Halifax, has no problems with how international authorities intend to use the biometric information, he said they must ensure they stick to using the information properly.

    “Once information goes into a large database it’s very attractive to use it for other purposes and so it takes a lot of discipline, policy and procedure to make sure its use is confined to the only identified purpose.” […]

    Authorities in Canada say further personal information such as a passport number will be shared only when there is a fingerprint match and all fingerprints will be destroyed once people become successful refugee claimants or Canadian citizens.

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