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    Caroline Kennedy and the Right to Privacy

    Caroline Kennedy is seeking the US Senate seat that will be vacated by Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has been nominated for Secretary of State by President-Elect Obama. This site is non-partisan, and I am mentioning this not for partisan reasons but because Ms. Kennedy is an ardent supporter of privacy rights. She has co-written two books on civil liberties with Ellen Alderman. The first was “In Our Defense,” concerning the Bill of Rights. The second was 1995’s “The Right to Privacy.” This book was a thoughtful and passionate discussion of the individual right to privacy and the encroachments upon this right. It remains relevant today, and I suggest you check out a copy from your local library.

    3 Responses to “Caroline Kennedy and the Right to Privacy”

    1. Caroline Kennedy and Privacy Says:

      […] then Melisso Ngo, formerly with EPIC, reminds us on her Privacy Lives blog that Kennedy had published a book, The Right to Privacy, in 1995, so I should probably go get […]

    2. Lynda Says:

      Caroline Kennedy has a cousin name Matthew Kennedy who is not only LDS (mormon) but he owns LDS Living Magazine. LDS Living was the one highlighted in the Boston Globe newspaper for openly helping Mitt Romney run for president. When I checked donation Records Kennedy and his wife gave the max amount to Romney for President. This month, LDS Living is doing a highlight on Caroline Kennedy in their news section and the article is written by Matthew kennedy himself. Matthew Joseph Kennedy gradutaed from Hardvard Business School after completing his degree at BYU. Brigham Young Univ. I wonder if there is any LDS support for Caroline in New York. I know that the Mormon church started in New York. There is some connection between Matthew J. Kennedy and the White House…. Kennedy is listed as a guest of the White House this past summer. If the Boston Globe got after LDS Living Magazine for supporting Romney, I wonder what, If anything it will say about Caroline Kennedy being featured.

    3. Kevin R. Says:

      The Boston Globe says that Matthew Kennedy was a National Advisor on the Romney team. Kennedy is listed as a donor for the Romney for President and his Magazine, LDS Living has several articles about Romney. Apparently LDS Living won the Addy Award in 2007