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    Canadian Privacy Commissioner: Facebook Still Needs to Work on Privacy

    Jennifer Stoddart, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, announced in a news release the findings of three complaint investigations against social-networking site Facebook.

    Facebook has shown greater awareness of users privacy rights, but still needs to do a better job of considering privacy issues before rolling out new features, Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) Jennifer Stoddart said today in announcing the findings of three complaint investigations involving the popular social networking site. […]

    The Office has concluded investigations of Facebook related to the following issues:

      • Friend suggestions: Upon receiving emails to join the site including friend suggestions depicting Facebook members they indeed knew, some non-members alleged Facebook must have accessed their email address books without consent. Our investigation found no evidence of this, but did find that Facebook had used their email addresses to generate friend suggestions without proper knowledge and consent. During the investigation, Facebook addressed our concerns, and the complaints were deemed to be well-founded and resolved.

    • Social plug-ins such as “Like” or “Recommend” icons: A complainant alleged that Facebook and third party sites hosting its plug-ins were collecting and sharing information about users without their knowledge and consent. Our investigation found that Facebook was not sharing the personal information of its users with organizations hosting social plug-ins. As such, the complaint was determined to be not well-founded.
    • Authentication practices to confirm a user’s identity: This complainant alleged that Facebook collected more personal information than necessary in order to grant access to a user’s Facebook account. Our investigation found that Facebook had clearly informed its users of the purpose of the collection as a security measure. In the end, the complaint was determined to be not well-founded.

    The Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s news release has links to the full reports on the three complaints against Facebook.

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