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    Calgary Sun: ParkPlus may not be just irritating, it may also be violating privacy laws

    The Calgary Sun’s Rick Bell has published a column on possible privacy violations from a Canadian parking lot payment system.

    Now we hear ParkPlus, the city’s spiffy and expensive pay-for-parking system, could face a legal challenge over whether it violates privacy laws.

    You see, an undisclosed client recently hired Miller Thomson, a well-respected national law firm, expert in matters of business, to look over ParkPlus and its practice of snapping photos of all parked vehicles whether or not the owners have broken the law.

    The legal opinion, obtained by the Sun, holds the Park Plus system is “not compliant with privacy legislation in Alberta.”

    “All vehicles are photographed, not only those vehicles where no valid payment has been made,” it reads.

    For Miller Thomson, the law is clear and “there must be an existing fine or debt owed to the government of Alberta or a public body prior to the information being collected.”

    “When this information is being collected it is not known whether or not the owner of that vehicle has paid for parking through the ParkPlus system.”

    As one lawyer put it, are everyone’s fingerprints collected just in case you break the law?

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