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    Calgary Herald: Privacy chief backs crackdown on problem bar patrons

    The Calgary Herald has a story about the Alberta, Canada, privacy commissioner supporting a proposed bar/club blacklist of patrons. The bars would define what actions would deem a person a “problem patron”; the person does not need to be arrested, charged or convicted of a crime committed at a bar to be put on the list. 

    Alberta’s information and privacy commissioner supports a proposal allowing bars to collect information on “problem patrons” and share it with other licensed establishments.

    But commissioner Frank Work does worry changes to the Gaming and Liquor Act could lead to some customers being unfairly banned from clubs and bars.

    He’s concerned that some bars will become overzealous– designating customers who get a little unruly or don’t pay a tab as problem patrons, and then pass on that designation to bars that will also ban them. […]

    The amendment would allow a bar to record a person’s name and age (but not their birthdate) and take a photograph, says Rob Anderson, parliamentary assistant to Fred Lindsay, the solicitor general and minister of public safety.

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