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    Bruce Schneier: CCTV doesn’t keep us safe, yet the cameras are everywhere

    Disclosure: I have worked with Bruce Schneier on a variety of issues, including camera surveillance.

    Security expert Bruce Schneier has an interesting column in the Guardian UK: CCTV doesn’t keep us safe, yet the cameras are everywhere. Schneier writes:

    Overall, CCTV cameras aren’t very effective.

    This fact has been demonstrated again and again: by a comprehensive study for the Home Office in 2005, by several studies in the US, and again with new data announced last month by New Scotland Yard. They actually solve very few crimes, and their deterrent effect is minimal.

    He goes on to explain how cameras create a false sense of security.

    To some, it’s comforting to imagine vigilant police monitoring every camera, but the truth is very different. Most CCTV footage is never looked at until well after a crime is committed. When it is examined, it’s very common for the viewers not to identify suspects. Lighting is bad and images are grainy, and criminals tend not to stare helpfully at the lens. Cameras break far too often. The best camera systems can still be thwarted by sunglasses or hats. Even when they afford quick identification — think of the 2005 London transport bombers and the 9/11 terrorists — police are often able to identify suspects without the cameras.

    Read the complete column here. Visit his site for more information on security and civil liberty issues: Schneier on Security.

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