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    Broadcasting & Cable: CDD: FCC Should Protect Online Privacy

    The Center for Digital Democracy, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and US PIRG have filed comments (pdf) with the Federal Communications Commission concerning privacy and broadband services. The FCC released a Notice of Inquiry (pdf) on April 8 requesting input on a national broadband plan. Broadcasting & Cable reports:

    In comments to the FCC Monday, CDD and company said that should include concentrating on data security, minimizing data collection and study how online data is being used. Monday was the deadline for comments on the national broadband rollout plan Congress has asked it to come up with by next February.

    Specifically, the groups want the FCC to regulate deep-packet inspection (DPI) and targeted behavioral advertising, saying industry self-regulation has “failed,” and to better investigate the privacy implications of so-called “cloud” computing.

    The keys, they argue are giving consumers more information and data about these practices and protecting children from unfair marketing practices.

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