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    Brisbane Times (Australia): Your privacy is this woman’s business

    The Brisbane Times has a profile of Linda Matthews, the Queensland Privacy Commissioner.

    The state’s privacy commissioner says people need to be shrewd in sharing information about themselves as the world becomes more efficient at spreading it.

    And she said government agencies also needed to live up to their end of the bargain in protecting citizens’ information.

    Ms Matthews’ office came into the spotlight in November when it released findings from a probe into the way Translink and police shared travellers’ Go Card information. That investigation came after a story in July, which highlighted the practice. […]
    In recent months, cases involving TelstraVodafone and Sony PlayStation have underlined how readily customers’ names, addresses and even bank details can make their way into the wrong hands.

    Ms Matthews is keen to guard against the same thing happening in government agencies and has focused her efforts on ensuring Queensland Government agencies are up to speed with privacy legislation introduced in 2009. […]

    But while citizens can do little about how the government handles their information, there is a lot they can do to ensure personal details stay personal.

    The problem is that many people are caught with their pants down, in a virtual sense, because they don’t take care to cover up their privacy.

    Ms Matthews said the proportion of bosses willing to overlook a prospective employee because of something on their Facebook page vastly outweighed the number of people who thought something posted online could come back to bite them.

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