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    Boston Herald: Virus puts state’s unemployed residents at risk

    The Boston Herald reports on a hacker attack in Massachusetts:

    An “insidious” virus that corrupted computers at the state unemployment agency added insult to injury for 210,000 out-of-work residents whose sensitive personal information may have been siphoned off by criminal hackers.

    The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development disclosed yesterday that the virus infected 1,500 computers in the unemployment system, including terminals in state-run career centers. […]

    [Joanne Goldstein, the secretary of labor,] said the agency will send warning letters to everyone it currently serves — or about 210,000 people — “in the interest of utmost caution,” even though officials believe the number actually affected is far lower. Some 1,200 employers who file data manually also may have been hurt by the breach.

    With the scope of the data theft unknown, the ranks of the jobless are left to add the task of protecting their credit to their job-searching labors.

    The agency discovered the virus April 20 and called in security provider Symantec. Officials later realized that the virus had survived and resulted in a data breach. […]

    The culprit is a variant of a virus that’s been around since 2007, according to Mike Paquette of Top Layer Security in Hudson.

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