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    Bloomberg BNA: FTC’s Brill Expects No ‘Major Surprises’ In New Chair Ramirez’s Privacy Agenda

    Bloomberg BNA reports on Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill’s thoughts about the future of privacy enforcement at the agency:

    Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill said March 20 that she did not expect to see any major surprises in the agency’s privacy agenda under its new leader, Edith Ramirez.

    Efforts that have been picking up steam at the agency, such as protecting consumer privacy in the mobile space, are unlikely to go away anytime soon, Brill said, speaking at the Association of National Advertisers’ Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference. […]

    The White House announced Feb. 28 that Ramirez had been tapped by President Obama to replace former FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, who had announced his resignation (12 PVLR 368, 3/4/13). Ramirez, a Democrat who has served on the commission since 2010, began her new job as chairman March 4. […]

    On the policy front, the FTC is likely to continue with initiatives already under way, such as investigating privacy concerns surrounding the data broker industry, which collects and compiles consumer information for the purpose of selling it to third parties, according to Brill, who is also a Democrat. She noted that several leading data brokers were ordered in December 2012 to provide the agency with details about their practices (11 PVLR 1845, 12/24/12). […]

    She also noted that Ramirez has expressed an interest in a new study on the so-called “internet of things”–a computing concept that envisions a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the internet and will be able to identify themselves to other devices.

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