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    BBC: UK opts-in to plan to share evidence between EU police

    The BBC reports on law enforcement developments in the United Kingdom and Europe:

    Home Secretary Theresa May says the UK will opt in to an EU order allowing foreign police to be given evidence held in the UK. The European Investigation Order makes it easier for police to investigate suspects living in each other’s states. […]

    Critics predict forces will end up wasting resources working on unjustified investigations that breach civil liberties.

    Under the current system, EU police forces who want to investigate a suspect in another member state ask their counterparts for help through special agreements called Mutual Legal Assistance. […]

    The Opposition has supported the EIO’s development over the past year – but critics say it could mean that police would be compelled to investigate suspects even if they believed there was no case to answer.

    The Home Secretary has faced pressure from some Conservative backbenchers including former shadow home secretary David Davis. He said the EIO could allow foreign authorities to give instructions to British police.

    And campaign group Fair Trials International has also warned that EIOs could be used to compel British police to gather information including DNA samples and bank records. […]

    Officials stress that foreign forces will have to show an “obvious link” between an alleged crime and an individual before British police would begin the process of handing over information.

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