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    BBC: O2 apology for disclosing mobile phone numbers online

    BBC News reports on a privacy breach by mobile phone company O2, which apologized to customers in a blog post. BBC News reports:

    O2 has apologised for a technical problem which caused users’ phone numbers to be disclosed when using its mobile data.

    The company said it normally only passed numbers to “trusted partners”.

    A problem during routine maintenance meant that from 10 January numbers could have been seen by other websites.

    “We investigated, identified and fixed it this afternoon. We would like to apologise for the concern we have caused,” the company said.

    The Information Commissioner’s Office had said that it would speak to O2 “to better understand what has happened”. […]

    Lewis Peckover, a system administrator for a mobile gaming company, flagged up the issue on Tuesday.

    To demonstrate the flaw, he set up an online script which allows users to see if their number is revealed.

    He said he was “absolutely shocked” by the discovery.

    O2 said the problem was a temporary issue which arose during routine maintenance. […]

    O2 said that the limited sharing of numbers was “standard industry practice”.

     Mr Peckover had told the BBC he would be making a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office about O2.
    “I don’t want sites to match up all my requests and potentially call me and talk to me about them,” he said.

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