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    BBC News: Police number plate recognition camera rules tightened

    BBC News reports on the use of license-plate recognition cameras in the United Kingdom:

    Police cameras that record motorists’ movements must be more tightly regulated, Home Secretary Theresa May has ordered.

    The 4,000-strong automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) network logs more than 10 million vehicles every day.

    The government is to look at limiting access to the database of 7.6 billion images, details of number plates and the date, time and place of capture.

    Privacy campaigners said restrictions on the ANPR network were long overdue.

    The cameras capture the front of cars and photographs can include images of the driver and any passengers. […]

    The government is also looking at introducing a lawful right for police forces to log the information and greater transparency over where the cameras are.

    The system was rolled out in 2006 to track uninsured drivers and stolen cars. […]

    However, civil liberties group Big Brother Watch branded the network “an unnecessary and indiscriminate invasion of privacy.”

    Campaign director Dylan Sharpe said the review was “long overdue”.

    “ANPR gives the state the ability to track every car journey we make. It is about time that some restrictions were placed on the use of this intrusive technology.”

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