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    BBC News: Identity cards scheme will be axed ‘within 100 days’

    BBC News reports that the new coalition government in the United Kingdom is scrapping the national identification program that the Labour Party had created:

    The National Identity Card scheme will be abolished within 100 days with all cards becoming invalid, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

    Legislation to axe the scheme will be the first put before parliament by the new government – with a target of it becoming law by August.

    The 15,000 people who voluntarily paid £30 for a card since the 2009 roll out in Manchester will not get a refund. […]

    The Labour scheme was aimed at tackling fraud, illegal immigration and identity theft – but it was criticised for being too expensive and an infringement of civil liberties. The cards were designed to hold personal biometric data on an encrypted chip, including name, a photograph and fingerprints. The supporting National Identity Register was designed to hold up to 50 pieces of information. […]

    Some £250m was spent on developing the national ID programme over eight years and its abolition will mean the government will avoid spending a further £800m over a decade.

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