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    BBC News: Greece puts brakes on Street View

    Update: PC World reports that Google is re-shooting its Japan Street View images amid privacy complaints.

    BBC News reports that Google Street View is facing problems in another European country. (Here’s a story on other European countries where Google has had trouble implementing Street View. Also, Canada, which has strong data protection laws, investigated the legality of Google’s Street View photos in September 2007.) 

    Greece’s data protection agency has banned Google from expanding its Street View service in the country, pending “additional information” from the firm.

    Street View gives users a 360-degree view of a road via Google Maps.

    Authorities want to know how long the images would be kept on Google’s database and what measures it will take to make people aware of privacy rights.

    A similar street mapping service, run by local ISP Kapou, was also suspended for the same reason.

    In a statement, Google said that it had not seen the full details of the The Hellenic Data Protection Authority’s request, but had taken steps to protect people’s privacy.

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