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    BBC News: Google answers privacy questions posed by commissioners

    BBC News reports on Google and international privacy.

    Google has defended its privacy practices following a letter of complaint from data protection commissioners around the world.

    The original letter expressed concerns on privacy issues surrounding Google’s social networking tool Buzz and its Street View service.

    In response Google said it was “committed to ensuring privacy is designed into our products”.

    But it admitted that mistakes were made with the launch of Buzz.

    “We do not get everything 100% right – that is why we acted so quickly on Google Buzz,” said the letter, signed by Jane Horvath and Peter Fleischer, global privacy counsel for Google. […]

    [The letter to Google from 10 privacy commissioners] called on Google to collect and process the minimum amount of personal information required for a service, to be clear about how it would be used and to ensure that privacy settings were default and easy to use.

    It also expressed unease about Street View, Google’s street level, 360-degree photographs of areas taken by specially equipped Google vehicles.

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