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    BBC News: China employs two million microblog monitors state media say

    BBC News reports that China is employing 2 million people to monitor online activity:

    More than two million people in China are employed by the government to monitor web activity, state media say, providing a rare glimpse into how the state tries to control the internet.

    The Beijing News says the monitors, described as internet opinion analysts, are on state and commercial payrolls.┬áChina’s hundreds of millions of web users increasingly use microblogs to criticise the state or vent anger. […]

    [The monitors] are “strictly to gather and analyse public opinions on microblog sites and compile reports for decision-makers”, [the Beijing News] said. It also added details about how some of these monitors work. […]

    The reports says the software used in the office is even more advanced and supported by thousands of servers. It also monitors websites outside China.

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