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    BBC News: Are Hacking ‘fun’ for British teens

    BBC News reports on a survey from the United Kingdom concerning teens, hacking and privacy. The survey was commissioned by Tufin Technologies.

    One in four young Britons attempts to access the Facebook accounts of their friends, a survey claims.

    The most common route of access was by working out – or “cracking” – each other’s passwords.

    The poll of 1,150 under-19s found that nearly half of those who accessed other accounts did so from either their own computer or one at school.

    The main reason given for doing it was for fun, and a further 21% admitted they hoped to cause disruption. […]

    20% of those who admitted to hacking in the survey believed they could make money from the activity and 5% described hacking as a career option.

    “Hacking into personal online accounts can be child’s play if users do not protect their own passwords,” said Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde, president of the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace.

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