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    BBC: Google rolls out privacy reset for Buzz social network

    BBC News reports that Google is changing its privacy settings for users of its Buzz social-networking service. There were substantial privacy problems that accompanied the launch of Google Buzz. Last month, outgoing Federal Trade Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour singled out Google Buzz’s launch for criticism in her comments at an FTC privacy roundtable. Now, the BBC reports:

    Google has said that it will begin to roll out a privacy reset for its controversial social network Buzz.

    The search giant will ask all its users to confirm or change their privacy settings, starting on 5 April.

    The firm was forced to make a series of changes to Buzz just days after launch, following a backlash from users worried about privacy intrusions.

    Last month, US Congress members urged regulators to investigate the service and the private information it exposed. […]

    Google launched Buzz at the beginning of February and integrated it with the company’s e-mail product Gmail, which is said to have over 170m account holders. […]

    Amid concern over how much personal information was being made public, Google made changes to Buzz to make it more clear how information was being shared as well as simplifying the process for blocking or following other users.
    Those early fixes did not go far enough for some critics.

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