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    Australian: Privacy fears over freedom of information laws reform

    The Australian reports that the New South Wales Law Reform Commission “has warned the Government against making changes [to freedom of information laws] that could threaten privacy.”

    The commission has reviewed proposed FOI reforms sought by state Ombudsman Bruce Barbour and told the Government some of them “may weaken the protection of individual privacy. […]

    The reform commission […] has told the Government that privacy should be excluded from the information commissioner’s responsibilities.

    “Privacy is a finely balanced concept that requires careful monitoring and independent oversight,” the reform commission says in a paper to the Government.

    If a privacy commissioner were part of the proposed information commissioner’s responsibilities, the importance of privacy would be downgraded, the Law Reform Commission said. And there would be a conflict of interest if the information commissioner were located in the Ombudsman’s office.

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    1. Peter Timmins Says:

      See the following link for a comment on this article and what appears to be some bureaucratic infighting over the issue

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