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    Associated Press: One-eyed filmmaker conceals camera in prosthetic

    We’ve been seeing a lot of movies that consider privacy and surveillance: documentary “Public,” blockbuster “Eagle Eye,” and others. Now, the Associated Press reports that a documentary filmmaker is concealing a camera in his prosthetic eye “hoping to secretly record people for a project commenting on the global spread of surveillance cameras.” 

    With the camera tucked inside a prosthetic eye, [Canadian Rob Spence] hopes to be able to record the same things he sees with his working eye, his muscles moving the camera eye just like his real one.

    Spence said he plans to become a “human surveillance machine” to explore privacy issues and whether people are “sleepwalking into an Orwellian society.”

    He said his subjects won’t know he’s filming until afterward but he will have to receive permission from them before including them in his film. […]

    But Spence also acknowledged privacy concerns.

    “The closer I get to putting this camera eye in, the more freaked out people are about me,” he said, adding people aren’t sure they want to hang around someone who might be filming them at any time.”

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