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    Associated Press: Migrant workers, privacy concerns are top difficulties for China’s once-a-decade census

    The Associated Press reports on privacy questions with the census in China:

    Counting millions of migrant workers and citizens’ privacy concerns are among the biggest difficulties facing China as it prepares for the world’s largest census next month, an official said Wednesday.

    Six million census takers will be deployed across the country Nov. 1-10 to account for more than 1.3 billion people — the first such tally since 2000.

    It will be the sixth time China has conducted a national census but the first time it has counted people where they live, not where they are legally registered, said Feng Nailin, vice director of the group coordinating the 2010 census. […]

    Feng said citizens have also become less cooperative in sharing personal details as they become increasingly aware of their rights to privacy. Although census takers are sworn to confidentiality, citizens are suspicious that the information they give can be used against them, he said.

    He promised the census-takers would keep all information secret and protect the privacy of interviewees. […]

    Families with unregistered children may also be reluctant to provide information. China has a one-child policy and parents with children born in violation of the rule are required to pay a hefty fine. To encourage people to come forward, families will be charged a reduced penalty if they register their extra children in the census, Feng said.

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