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    Associated Press: Jackson stops enforcement with red-light cameras

    The Associated Press is reporting that Mississippi’s governor has signed a bill that will ban red-light traffic cameras in the state. ( has studies on negative effects of red-light cameras.)

    Mississippi’s capital city will stop issuing tickets and collecting fines when automatic cameras snap pictures of vehicles running red lights, city attorney Sarah O’Reilly Evans says.

    The change in Jackson is being made immediately, even though a new state law sets an Oct. 1 deadline for the cameras to be taken down in the only two cities already using them – Jackson and Columbus. […]

    The cameras take pictures of the license plates of vehicles that run red lights. A photograph is sent to a vehicle’s owner, along with a ticket. Cities share revenue with the private companies that have contracts to operate the cameras. […]

    Several lawmakers complained the cameras were an invasion of privacy and their constituents thought they had been unfairly ticketed.

    The legislation reads:

    (1)  (a)  Neither the board of supervisors of any county nor the governing authority of any municipality shall adopt, enact or enforce any ordinance authorizing the use of automated recording equipment or system to enforce compliance with traffic signals, traffic speeds or other traffic laws, rules or regulations on any public street, road or highway within this state or to impose or collect any civil or criminal fine, fee or penalty for any such violation.

    (b)  Any county or municipality using automated recording equipment or system shall remove the equipment or system before October 1, 2009.

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