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    Associated Press: FBI Recruiting Muslim Spies, Group Says

    The Associated Press reports on the FBI recruiting Muslim spies. Check out my previous post about attempts by the FBI to infiltrate Republican National Convention protesters and the publicly condemned domestic surveillance program, COINTELPRO.

    Also, there’s the story of the Maryland state police’s monitoring of peaceful activists and designation of them as terrorists in federal and state databases.

    The Associated Press reports:

    A Michigan Muslim organization said Thursday it has asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate complaints alleging the FBI is asking followers of the faith to spy on Islamic leaders and congregations.

    The Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan sent a letter last week to Holder after mosques and other groups reported members of the community have been approached to monitor people coming to mosques and donations they make. […]

    Former FBI agents and federal prosecutors have said spying on mosques is one of the government’s best weapons to thwart terrorists, but agents need to have credible and specific information before sending in a plant.

    Walid said the complaints in Michigan amount to a “fishing expedition.” […]

    Walid said the most common complaints have come from people with pending immigration issues being approached by agents to monitor mosques in exchange for help in resolving their citizenship cases.

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