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    Associated Press: Auditors find privacy lacking at some VA hospitals

    The Associated Press has news about a new report (pdf) from the Government Accountability Office (it’s the investigative arm of Congress). Veterans Affairs Department hospitals and clinics are not fulfilling their obligations to ensure privacy for female veterans, the GAO said.

    VA policies also outline a number of requirements specific to ensuring the privacy of women veterans in all settings of care at [VA medical centers] and [community-based outpatient clinics] These include requirements related to ensuring auditory and visual privacy at check-in and in interview areas; the location of exam rooms, presence of privacy curtains, and the orientation of exam tables; access to private restrooms in outpatient, inpatient, and residential settings of care; and the availability of sanitary products in public restrooms at VA facilities.

    “None of the [VA medical centers] or [community-based outpatient clinics] we visited were fully compliant with VA policy requirements related to privacy for women veterans,” the GAO said.

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