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    Associated Pres: N.Y. man admits ‘skimming’ ATMs for nearly $300K

    The Associated Press reports on a man who admitted using “skimmer” devices to steal ATM information. “Skimmers” are devices that read and capture data off magnetic strips on credit cards, driver’s licenses, ATM cards. It isn’t hard to find the technology for credit- or debit-card skimming. Card readers are readily available from stores for a few hundred dollars. (Here’s a previous post with more info.)

    A Bulgarian native has admitted scanning personal information from ATM machines in northern New Jersey and stealing nearly $300,000.

    Georgi Nikiforov pleaded guilty today in federal court in Newark to bank fraud conspiracy and aggravated identity theft.

    Nikiforov was arrested last fall. He was accused of using an electronic device to skim identity and account information from Valley National Bank branches in Nutley and Belleville. […]

    The bank fraud conspiracy charge carries a maximum potential penalty of 30 years in prison. Aggravated identity theft carries a mandatory consecutive two-year prison term.

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