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    Another Day, Another Way Social Networking Sites Are Used Against Individuals

    The Independent in Ireland reports on a new study revealing that employers are increasingly reviewing employees’ social networking pages. 

    A study says employers are increasingly spying on personal web pages to find out what workers are up to when they phone in sick — and the snooping is legitimate.

    The Office of the Data Commissioner has warned workers they can expect little legal protection if they are foolish enough to publish details of their exploits online. […]

    Some 83 [percent] of employers surveyed by Peninsula Business Services said they monitored Facebook pages to check the validity of absences, while 67 [percent] said they then disciplined staff for bogus “sickies” taken from work.

    I have written about how data from social networking sites are being used against job applicants, applicants to colleges and graduate schools, and in criminal trials.

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