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    Agence France-Presse: EU-US anti-terror data-sharing deal finally approved

    Agence France-Presse reports that the European Parliament has approved a passenger-name record (PNR) data-sharing agreement with the United States:

    STRASBOURG — A controversial deal enabling transfer of EU air passenger data to US authorities as part of the global fight against terrorism was finally approved Thursday in the European Parliament.

    After two years of wrangling due to privacy concerns, a majority of MEPs gave the deal their green light, with 409 voting in favour, 226 against and 33 abstentions.

    The agreement, intended to replace a provisional accord from 2007, sets the legal conditions to transfer air passengers’ personal data to the US Department of Homeland Security. […]

    PNR information is provided by travellers and collected by air carriers during reservation and check-in procedures.

    It includes the name, address, phone number, credit card details, travel agency data and baggage information as well as “sensitive” data — a religious meal choice or requests for assistance due to a medical condition.

    Such data is already transferred to the US authorities under a controversial 2007 accord that was rejected by the European Parliament when it won expanded powers in 2010, forcing Washington and Brussels to renegotiate the deal. […]

    But many leftwing, Greens and centrist parliamentarians remained critical. […]

    “In politics we make compromises but some things are not negotiable such as fundamental rights and respect for EU law,” said Dutch centrist rapporteur for the text, Sophie in’t Veld.

    Read the full article for details on the PNR agreement.

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