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    Ad Age: With Cloud Computing, Security Is More Important to Brands

    Ad Age has security and privacy tips for companies engaged in cloud computing:

    In the era of cloud computing, any incident pertaining to privacy or security — even a minor one — is the fastest way to erode brand equity and consumer trust. Botching the communications around these events or, worse, not being proactive ahead of time to think the unthinkable, could clinch that your brand may never be able to stage a comeback.

    […] Yet few companies outside the tech world have strategies to think through how potential privacy and security issues could impact their brand equity as more data migrates to the cloud.

    Here are three maxims every company should keep top of mind. These best practices come out of the technology industry which, according to our data, has long been the most trusted.

    At a basic level, Dropbox and Evernote are similar companies. Both store personal information in their cloud and seamlessly sync it across a myriad of devices. Both have millions of loyal users, many of whom pay for their services. However, that’s where the similarities end.

    Evernote has been exemplary in not only disclosing how it stores user data but in showing even novices how to encrypt it. Its executive management — especially CEO Phil Libin — and marketing and support teams are all individually visible online in social media and offline at events. They are approachable and accessible. This human touch helps them earn trust over time and could insulate them.

    Dropbox, by contrast, is more opaque. […]

    Read the full article for more tips.

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