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    ACLU of California Releases Second Edition of Guide on Technology and Protecting User Privacy and Free Speech

    The ACLU of California has released its second edition of a guide on technology and protecting user privacy and free speech, “Privacy & Free Speech: It’s Good for Business” (HTML here; pdf here). Here’s an excerpt:

    In recent years, online privacy and free speech have become hot topics among users, legislators, regulators, and investors. Many companies have experienced firsthand how decisions about privacy and free speech can impact their business. Companies that have failed to take privacy and free speech into account have been hit with public relations nightmares, costly lawsuits, government investigations, and the loss of customers and business partners. Meanwhile, companies that have designed their products and business plans to protect users have not only avoided these harms but benefitted from positive PR and increased customer trust.

    Building privacy and free speech protections into your service and company takes planning. This publication is intended to get you started. It walks you through basic questions you need to address in order to properly integrate privacy and free speech into your products and illustrates how doing so can help your company thrive.

    What’s new in this edition

    This second edition of Privacy & Free Speech: It’s Good for Business includes updated recommendations for policies and practices, as well as dozens of new real-life case studies from A(mazon) to Z(ynga). Its purpose is to help your company spot potential privacy and free speech issues in products and business models. The tools in this publication will enable you to make the smart, proactive decisions necessary to avoid problems, protect customers, and boost your bottom line.

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