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    ABC News (Australia): Victoria police ban DNA evidence because of problems with statistical analysis

    ABC News in Australia reports:

    Victoria’s Attorney-General, Rob Hulls, has defended the state’s DNA testing systems after all court cases involving DNA evidence were suspended.

    Cases that require DNA evidence will be delayed until the new year to allow police to change the way they analyse the data. […]

    “The issue is the interpretation if that testing, that is the mathematical analysis of the testing of DNA and what it actually means,” [Hulls said].

    [T]he Opposition’s police spokesman, Peter Ryan, says it could lead to a number of appeals from people already convicted on the basis of DNA evidence.

    “This whole contentious area is going to be thrown into further doubt,” he said. […]

    The institute’s criminal law chairman, Michael Macnamara, says the suspension underlines the dangers of relying too heavily on new technologies. […]

    The Director of Public Prosecutions is conducting an audit of cases that may need to be re-opened because of unreliable DNA evidence, and the Victorian ombudsman is expected to release a report on the Victoria Police Forensic Services this week.

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