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    ABC News (Australia): Court told former officer breached privacy

    ABC News in Australia reports on yet another case where a law enforcement official abused his access to government data.

    John Lawrence Curran [a former WA detective sergeant] pleaded guilty to repeatedly using [a police] computer between 2006 and 2008 to get the details of women he had seen in public.

    The Perth Magistrates Court was told documents found at Curran’s home included notes about the physical features of some of the women.

    Last week, I reviewed some recent cases where insider abused his or her access to violate individual privacy, where an insider is able to avoid security precautions and access data gathered for other purposes. For example, in May, the Boston Globe reported that the Massachusetts state auditor has found misuse by law enforcement officials of the criminal records system. I was discussing the insider misuse problem in light of news that President Obama’s nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration had been censured for misusing government data for personal reasons.

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