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    ABC (Australia): Government moves on privacy law

    ABC in Australia reports on an effort concerning privacy legislation in that country:

    The Federal Government has moved to introduce a legal right to privacy in the wake of Britain’s News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

    A discussion paper will be released to the public today to canvass the prospect of a law dealing with serious invasions of privacy.

    Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor says privacy is a growing concern in Australia, partly because of the events in Britain, as well as other breaches such as the theft of the Sony PlayStation users’ personal details. […]

    In 2008 the Australian Law Reform Commission made 295 recommendations, including that Australia bring in a privacy law. […]

    But Australia’s Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgram says the laws need to be changed.

    “They have been the subject of two years of consideration by the Law Reform Commission, so I think these issues aren’t new to us all as a community,” he said.

    “We’re now looking at mechanisms to recognise the changing environment we’re in and to consider updating the laws to meet the challenges.”

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