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    CNet: Skype privacy bug sends messages to other contacts

    CNet reports on a privacy problem at messaging service Skype:

    Skype users are taking to its support forums to warn that some instant messages from one contact are being sent to an unintended recipient on that user’s contact list.

    It appears the bug may have stemmed from a Skype upgrade last month, according to the support thread.

    “SunnyLady78” kicked off the thread by noting how “surprised” and “shocked” she was to find that messages sent to one person ended up being read by another one of her contacts. […]

    Skype became a Microsoft division on October 13, a week after European antitrust authorities approved the buy-out following an $8.5 billion bid in early 2011.

    A Skype spokesperson confirmed the bug in an emailed statement and said the firm would get to the bottom of it. […]

    In a blog post published a few hours later, Skype explained the fault in further detail. The Microsoft division said it doesn’t know how many users have been affected, but believes “the number is small.”

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